a healer of heartache for comfort and calm
A proprietary blend of hawthorn, hibiscus, rose, & linden. 



Hawthorn is a cardiovascular powerhouse; it has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and why is this beneficial for grief? Maria Noël Groves notes that the heart is “a primary seat of emotion. When you experience immense grief, your heart breaks. […] And when you’re snuggled up in peace and love, those feelings radiate from your heart”. A member of the Rose family, hawthorn surfaces as a primo healer of heartache and grief.



Long used to comfort and calm the heart, rose’s gentle antidepressant and sedative properties can help uplift the emotions while providing a sense of ease. Rose supports nervous and digestive systems, cooling the heat of anger and inflammation, and helping the gut deal with anxiety and stress. Rose also has been known to natural raise serotonin (produced in the gut) and increase endorphins.  A heart tonic, rose inspires self-love, deepens our relationship with others, and heals ancient wounds (Bennett, 2014).



Cooling and moistening, linden leaves and flowers enjoy a widespread “reputation as a calming heart tonic. It is rich in antioxidant compounds that seem to quell hypertension, especially when stress is a contributing factor” (Groves, 2016, 158). From the bodily level to the spiritual realm, linden may act as a “protective, comforting, and magical guide through times of grief” (Bennett, 2014, 28).